About Us

Pontti is a company specialized in intelligent solutions in Web and Mobile environments. Noted for being one of the first Multi-Nationals in the sector in Pernambuco, Pontti has invested in Technology Centers with state-of-the-art servers located in Brazil, Portugal and the United States. Ensuring that all of our solutions are available to our customers anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, quickly and efficiently.

Because it was born in Pernambuco, the birthplace of Porto Digital, one of the largest technology centers in Latin America, it has a differentiated dynamic and fully integrated with the new tools and languages ​​of the market, guaranteeing Modern and Innovative products always in search of excellence. Our team of Support Analysts, Programmers and Consultants are highly respected and highly qualified.

Customer Focus

A true and attentive relationship with the customer, focusing on their needs. This is our differential.

Valuing the Team

Our greatest asset is our team. That is why we value each one and invest in qualification and we believe that a healthy and democratic contribution to performance.

Honesty and Accuracy

We listen to our customers and we are always attuned to the market. With this we develop quality and accurate tools. Our aim is your satisfaction.

Always Innovate

Our products are the result of creative and innovative ideas from our team after intense work in research and development.

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